Thursday, January 15, 2009

This is Iowa

ok woke up to below zero wind chill, -30.....only about 10 degrees today....but..but...upper 30's by next week. This is Iowa...the weather changes as fast here as it does by Lake Michigan. Though it is slightly warm at times but not much. I have seen it snow by the Lake in June and be 80 degrees in I should be used to it.
I have been tagged though some of this is a little Greek to me. I'll post 7 things about my self but not sure if I can tag someone else..her goes.
1. I'm over 50 and love video games - I am the God of War....
2. I am a BA/RFH. Beadaholic, rock, fossil hound.
3. I was an only child but have 11 grands.....whew....(yes I had that talk with my 3)
4. I live with a very very sweet biker (Harley's of course)
5. I want to retire, my retirement year is 2021....OMG...
6. I don't feel my age mentally just physically.
7. I would love to do computer graphic art.

well boring as it may be. That is mostly me. Every one have a great day!

Smile for today: (my daughter sent me this)

Elderly woman goes to the bank to open an account with $168,000. Insisting to talk to the president of the bank, the shaken teller leads her to the office, there the president asks her, "how did you amass such a large amount of money, I'm just curious". "Well, making bets." she states. "Really", he replies. I will bet you $25,000 you have square testicles.
Rather surprised, he states "Are you serious? Ok, your on $25,000 that my testicles are square."
"Alright", the woman says, "I'll come back tomorrow at 10:00 am with my lawyer if that is alright so he can be a witness. "That sounds fine, that way it will be all up front, will see you tomorrow at 10."
The bank president goes home that evening and stands in front of the mirror, looking at himself at all angles just to be sure, he is very confident that he will win this bet. At 10:00 am the next morning the elderly woman returns with her lawyer.
"Do you mind if I check them myself" she says. "Well no of course not, seems like the only way to verify this bet", so he drops his pants.
The woman cups them ever so gently......her lawyer now is banging his head against the wall.
"What's wrong with him", the president asks....
The elderly woman replies,
"I bet him $125,000 yesterday that by noon today I would have the bank presidents balls in my hands."

hope you like that one, I did....have a rockin day.


  1. Great story. More power to little old ladies!
    I'm in AZ- it was 65 here today...sorry... :(

  2. Thnx fox....I peeked at your blog love your jewelry....older and wiser....well most of the time....