Monday, January 12, 2009

Guess what....Its snowing and snowing and snowing

gotta love the midwest. It has been snowing all day. I had two orders this morning for findings, no jewelry, more of my older bead stock out the throat tightens every time, I keep going back through the items I have listed on eBay (mostly my glass) and pulling more out, saying oh that would make a great bracelet, or that goes with something else Ihave....I have to let it go.....I am concentrating on the gemstones and crystals, which I love. I was in the post office for 10 minutes...both orders were overseas, car had 1/4" on it when I came out. I think I will just go back into hibernation until March some time. I started a new e-store, shophandmade, will be gemstone jewelry by joy. A little different site, you bid on ad space and can have free listing. small % paid on close but liveable. Will see what happens there now. I still have another 50 or so pieces to list somewhere. Meeting lots of new e-artists in all venues, lots to learn, if I can get this blogging thing, badges, whistles, and all the rest I am doing good today. I just got some beautiful beads and findings in the mail and I'm off to try and make something and forget about the snow.

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  1. Makes me feel bad sitting here with the doors open all day here in sunny las vegas :)