Friday, January 30, 2009

Its Super Bowl weekend

I like football, I actually understand it now. Love those TIGHT ends......I am so happy it is Friday. It has been a chaotic week here. I haven't been able to make any jewelry and I am going through withdrawal big time.......

First I want to thank xoxoxo Patrice, The Soap Seduction, for featuring me on her blog this next is in there now and she has a great site....great products, I have tried her sugar plum compact scent and it rocks...... so take a second....

I would be really happy if you did too...

I am also so pumped up and motivated to sell, sell, sell....I sold my first piece on Artfire after a few months and a few weeks of promoting, chatting, networking, blogging, I am tired.

I have be careful or I will miss birthdays' this month...2 of mine and 4 grands and a few friends. I have a birthday or two a month with the 11 grands but forget the dates (boy do I feel old)

Also thanks to riskybeads for helping with an ad for her blog site.. I have had several views from there through GA (love it).

Our Jewelry Makers Jewelry supply guild through Artfire is having a special special Valentine's day sale promotion...look for their posts and be sure and spend lots of time looking at all the eye candy.

Well so much work, not enough energy, and not enough play...but this kitty may just have to have some catnip in between to keep motivated.
Spring is coming.........................

Smile for today: Smiles are free.....................

My husband's so macho, he has five guns, a helicopter, a motorcycle; he used to be on a SWAT team; and he works the cattle at his mom's farm. So, I thought, he's either really macho, or he's really gay and he's overcompensating. He likes to clean the house and vacuum, so I think he's really gay. But I'm just gonna enjoy him 'til he comes out of the closet.
Victoria Jackson...comedien.


  1. Cat, you always make me smile.

  2. Your enthusiasm for life is so contagious! Much success to you:-D

  3. Thanks for the smile =)

    Its a shame that selling handmade online seems to take more promoting than it does actually creating! Here I am wanting to making a new lamp shade but have a never ending to do list to finish before I can think clearly. Oh WILL pay off...eventually!


  4. LOL,Reminds me of my best friends husband, we call him the gay husband, he loves to decorate,he's really good at it LOL

    congrats on your first artfire sale!!!