Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Is it Friday Yet...OMG it is only Tuesday. Too cold to go out. I was right, all my work so far this week has been 75% sore throats and runny noses......season is not over yet.
I was shocked when I checked e-stores this afternoon someone on EB bought some beads so that is great. I will probably take a loss as I have been trying to sell the glass, but it is takingup room I don't have right now. I was down in our basement wondering and I am really thinking of making a studio down there, that way I could have a light box for pics and more room....now my office and shop is our 2nd bedroom. It is getting cramped with the new inventory I purchased, and I still bought a beautiful pendant on AF today Dichro glass beautiful, lots of blue, my favorite jewelry color already wire bailed, This may be my first ribbon piece. hope your day is going well and you are warm.......only funny dictation I had today was a physical....doc says, patient is obese white male.......typist put obese slight male....not listening there.....rough day at work. Took me 5 hours today, I need more time for the jewelry. I am off this computer and to the work table.....

Smile for today.
My favorite bumper sticker: "I miss my ex........next time I'll take better aim."

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  1. good luck with your light box, and like you i too am looking at making a studio with my spare room,
    (wish me luck)it needs clearing,
    love the smile for today x