Tuesday, February 23, 2010

being a computertard

Well not totally, but pretty close. I have said it before, just show me where to click. So don't expect a fancy blog with all the bells and whistles just yet.

I'm still learning the on-line business game, found some very promising venues. Bonanzle and Zibbet are two now shops I am going to be opening in the next few months. Bonanzle, does have some listings up now. "catinalife" of course.

I am still very much active in my shops on Artfire, I have opened a destash store for my extra rocks and glass, (www.deStashNotTrash.Artfire.com) I am now doing so much more with wire, I really just do not need them, so if I can help another starving jewelry artist get the supplies they need, that is wonderful. PIF I always say, and boy do I have the rocks!

I have mastered the technique of Viking knit weaving with wire and adapted it to my own designs, as well as Egyptian coil swirl links, using lots of beautiful silver coated colored wire, they are turning out fantastic, you may see a few on the shopping cart below. Loving these ancient techniques, they do make some beautiful jewelry.

Its becoming a long winter and I cannot wait for spring, but the doves are cooing in the morning and no more below zero temperatures predicted so here's hoping.

If you are looking for a great Mother's Day present, and I do ship to England also, take a look, you might find some of mom's favorite colors.