Friday, February 3, 2012

Taking my jewelry in a new direction

I do what??? Trichinopoly,

I admit it sounds like a board game or a disease, but it’s not. The ancient art of weaving a single thread or wire in to a rounded chain on a dowel. This is what Viking knit is. Doing some research, since I wanted to know just how old this technique is, I came across a wonderful article that explained exactly that. Thousands of years ago, this pattern has been found using textiles in ancient Egyptian tombs and no doubt goes back to the start of textile weaving. Different from a ring in chain method used to create chain, such as for a Pandora bracelet where rings are squished to create the end result.

Trichinopoly is the actual weaving on a dowel. That’s exactly what I do, single or double weave it creates a beautiful piece of jewelry when done with find gauge wire.

Chain maille, I love it, so many patterns, such awesome results. Done for practical uses such as armor, now for jewelry creates lovely pieces for everyday wear. Renaissance fair wear, bold jewelry, intricate patterns I just love. I often coil and cut my own rings.

Egyptian coil or swirls , this pattern was found in the tomb of an ancient Egyptian princess, done in gold. I think I may have been a temple cat in one of my lives. Cats were highly revered in Egypt, (smart people).

Wire wrapping and weaving, so much to learn, and so accommodating to just about any design I would love to create. In the past year I’ve been able to concentrate on these techniques and am loving it.

I love to use colored wire, Parawire is my favorite, silver plated for extra shimmer and tarnish resistant, affordable and just as lovely as Sterling or fine silver. I've made many pieces this last year, many are listed, many are not yet listed so be sure and check back.

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