Thursday, January 8, 2009

Is it Friday yet

Some weeks seem to just drag, this one has gone quite fast I must say. I am going to work on jewelry today...though I want to feed my need to bead shop....I want to concentrate on my shop at Artfire. Great bunch of sellers, great admin and starting to take off, I was glad I joined, I have a feeling as the advertising gets out there it will take off.....
I am thoroughly disgusted with ebay.....2 sales in January there but no profit, all gets eaten up in fees. Sold $25 worth of items and $60 in fees. That shop is too expensive to run. Especially when my items are only $6 to $30, I am not going to list there any longer, it will be either on Artfire or on my own site though that is not very productive either the prices are lower since it is me directly, advertising is a problem there. I am not so sure I want to continue my Etsy account either, I may just let them expire and go from there. Only one sale after 5 months there. I purchased a huge inventory of stones right before Christmas, (part of my Christmas present), my private investor is so nice to me. I am anxious to get working on some new designs. I have so many rocks to play with, fun but can be overwhelming to decide the best uses. I went to the library last week and checked out 15 books on jewelry making for some ideas, found a few cute ones for a basic idea and modified for my own. I want to make a line of stone earrings to list some time this month and I have a fantastic idea for a combination set that I am trying to develope, it would be a necklace and bracelet and anklet that could be combined for a long necklace or other combo. Well better get to takin pics.......
May today bring you much happiness. Life is short, don't sweat the little stuff. Have a rockin day.

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