Saturday, May 14, 2011

It's been one of my rougher weeks, some bruises heal quicker than others

So you’ve had a rough week? Me too. Bruised pride, ribs, hand, knees, foot and toes.

Not one of my best weeks, I’m not really a complainer, just observation. First, I am my own worst enemy, no doubt about it and I have to slow down. Sunday was Mother’s day, one I will remember for years. A wonderful lunch with my children, and passed by an old friend’s home on the way out of town. Well, of course, beautiful day, on my way. I was happy to see she was outside painting her porch. I ran to greet her, so excited that she was finally home after stopping a few other times, it had been 10 years since I had seen her.

As I’m running from my car to greet her, so excited, I did IT! Pretty much ran right into the sidewalk, my left foot hit the foot tall curb and down I toppled over, as I fell on my left side with my hand and arm under my body, the air rush out of my lower lungs. Ouch, that hurt! I got up pretty quick, one of those embarassing falls, my hands started shaking, I hugged her, just call me Grace, better sit down a bit, (my pride was really hurting).

My left foot got the most road rash, knees, ribs. Left arm and hand the worst of it, I’m not a little thing and the hand didn’t stand a chance. I had lost feeling in my two small fingers. I drove home 40 minutes away, feeling pretty beat up, within an a few hours the pain level was about 8 to 9 on a scale of 1 to 10, the feeling had come back to my fingers, but there was nothing out of place, I was tolerating the pain as long as I was still. Oh yes, it’s broke, I told myself. I’ve done it before and knew no matter what, this is going to hurt, at the very least there are small fractures, I’m still having lots of self conversations about this, and what to do, I decided if the pain level went above ten, I’ll can go to the doctor in about 12 hours if more to the ER.

I made a splint, Red Green would be proud, two rulers with duct tape and made a sling with a scarf, wrapped my hand and wrist with an ace bandage. I have Tylenol. Monday morning 2AM, I’m up, I debated about calling my doctor, more self talk………took a muscle relaxer and tried to wait, slept for a few hours and woke up with less pain, so decided to wait again, I will see my doctor for an appointment in a week, anyway, the pain level is down to 8. I did pass out later that morning, I think it was a combination of the relaxer I had taken and Tylenol and a bit of chocolate and the pain level shooting up when I changed the wrapping. I am so, my own worst enemy.

It’s been a rough week, I’m thankful that the pain level steadily decreased with the help of Tylenol to a 6 now and my ribs are good enough that it only hurts to sneeze and lay down, so great progress. I did get a hand brace and can type, and if I move slow, which I don’t have much choice hurts too much, I can do a lot, it will just take a bit longer. I’m making the best of it and enjoying not having to cook. 6 days from injury and I know it will get better. I tried jewelry yesterday, a lot of pain for hours after, that will have to wait, as well. I’ve been working on a new studio downstairs and reorganizing my supplies for the last month, that will have to be put on hold.

I do hope your week was better than mine. Though not my worst week, as a jewelry maker, I'm not happy. I’m thankful the injuries were not life threatening and the damage to my hand and wrist will heal, my ego will remained bruised, I’m blaming it on my bifocals, didn’t look a foot high to me, or might have been the two cups of coffee at lunch that day, but I will slow down.


  1. WOW!!!! I feel so bad for you! I hope you get better very fast!
    Great work space!

  2. (((Hugs))) you'll have a fun place to hang out in after you heal.....Great work space!

    I don't see any couches in there either!

  3. Dang, girl! You could get started down there and never stop! Be sure Fuzzy makes you eat now and then!

  4. Oh noooo, poor you... But you reallyneed go see the docs or a nurse... If it is a break and sets in wrong position you will have to go through all again as they will need to reset the break if is wrong... Huge hugs - know is not funny and wish you well... Think of all the nice things awaiting you once it is all right and don't try to do it all too quickly or you could be back at square one! I love crafts too and am spilling out of my small craft room but we are considering moving home so hoping on a new one before too long - I neeed the organisation! lol. Get well soon...x

  5. Yikes! Sit in a chair and don't move for the rest of the year!

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