Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wednesday week countdown

I am always glad for Wednesday. Friday is in sight and I relish my weekends. I hope your week is going well. Hope your life is too. This will be short and sweet, my life is boring. I miss my kids and wish for warmer days to come soon. I have listed over 100 items now in my store so I have been busy lots of great eye candy.

Thanks to she purchased my little cube bracelet with her winnings on the treasure hunt recently on Artfire; thanks Moonstone for all your hard work with that. You can find her great shop at
I love this piece of Desiree's, purple is this seasons sure and visit both their shops.

Smile for today! Stop wrinkles smile more. My favorite proverb: I would rather be thought a fool than open my mouth and be proved one.

Can't find any really good jokes they were all too adult that I was finding, but there is some great ones at the bottom of each older post, if you have a good one to share please let me know, I always need a smile, especially now. I really love a few new blogs that my fellow artist on are doing, great reading, love you all. I am following them all so just take a peek, click on their avi.


  1. When I was younger my mother always called Wed. "Top of the hill day." it was always so exciting to be on top of that hill that is our daily week. :)

  2. Great shop! I love the beads you used in this bracelet:

    Love that proverb too, it's sooooo true. Hope you have a great weekend, it's Friday!